• Are you a municipality?

    Check out our exclusive opportunity for municipalities and Business Improvement Areas to access special discounts on products and receive dedicated support installing light displays. 

  • Rooflines

    We provide durable, all-weather, commercial-grade decorative lights for year-round use. Customize them to fit your property's roofline with our exclusive clips, making installation a breeze.

  • Trees of all Sizes

    Whether you have young trees or towering Sequoias, we have the perfect lights for all your tree lighting needs, including "stretch strings" that grow with trees for year-round beauty.

  • Design Support

    Our team of experts is ready to support you in creating a spectacular display. Whether you need advice on decorating large trees, unique custom-made ornaments, or eye-catching light arrangements, we're here to help you.

Big Star Lights Studio

We turn your decor ideas into reality offering support at every step. From light combinations, pole mounts, ornaments, and large scale sculptures, we can build it all.

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How it works

A streamlined 4-step process guides your project through creative, engineering, and build phases. Each milestone is approved by you, ensuring the project aligns with your desired outcome.

Step 1


We can create almost anything at one of our aluminum, fiberglass, or sheet metal facilities. From basic ornaments to intricate animals or characters, we'll transform your idea into a stunning centerpiece for your Christmas light display. Share what inspires you and we'll start designing.

Step 2


Our designers will transform your idea into a 3D design. We'll collaborate to choose colors, lighting options, and embellishments like beads for extra sparkle.

Step 3


Our engineers will wire-frame the 3D drawing, ensuring the lights enhance the motif. We'll also plan the structural design for strength, portability, safe transport, and efficient storage between seasons.

Step 4


This is where the magic happens!

Our fabrication facility will create your design, add commercial-grade low-voltage lights if required, and anything else to make it look magical. It will be tested, sent for your final approval, then shipped to your door with detailed instructions for easy assembly.