Pro Installer Program

Our Pro Installer Program is the gateway to all the essential information and deals that you need to grow your Christmas Lights business.

Gain exclusive discounts throughout the year on industry-leading Christmas lights, unique tools that make installation faster and safer, and a variety of accessories and clips designed in-house for every application.

If you are new to professional installation, we offer an extensive selection of videos and articles that will accelerate the training of both you and your technicians. You’ll also gain access to a professional photo gallery that you can shamelessly use to market your new service and launch your businesses looking like you’ve been doing it for years.

Pro Installer


As a member of our Pro Installer Program, you become part of a community of skilled professionals passionate about their craft.

Share your experiences, gain insights from fellow experts, and foster connections that could lead to exciting collaborations and new opportunities.

Pro Installer


Professional Installers receive dedicated assistance from a team of experts.

From technical queries to design recommendations and troubleshooting, our support team is always ready to help you create exceptional holiday displays that leave a lasting impression.

Pro Installer


The Pro Installer Program provides a wealth of valuable resources for professional installers.

Access exclusive training materials, installation guides, and industry insights to enhance your knowledge and expertise.

These resources empower you to create mesmerizing holiday displays that shine bright and delight your clients.

Pro Installer


Take advantage of limited-time deals on our exceptional range of Christmas lights, tools, and accessories.

From energy-efficient LED lights to customizable lighting solutions, our special offers allow you to access top-notch products at unbeatable prices.

Joining our Pro Installer will maximize profit margins and allow you to scale more quickly, creating the most captivating holiday displays, and deliver a service that makes your customers say “Wow!” every time.

What Our Pro Installers Say

100% of the professional installers who participated in the survey would buy Big Star Lights again.

98% of Pro Installers find our products "more reliable, more useful, or of higher quality than other brands."

85% of Pro Installers reported increased revenue after using Big Star Lights.

90% of our Pro Installer Network experienced easier and quicker installations with Big Star Lights products.

90% of Pro Installers rate our customer support as "Extremely Well."

Source: 2024 survey of professional installers who use BSL.
  • "I completed 9 jobs my first year and the quality was outstanding. It’s April now and already have 4 more booked plus my returning 9 and I have now ordered the off season sale to be stocked up for September. Big Star Lights took all the worry out of starting up a new line of work through my business. I am planning to go full scale this fall and push this to the max."

    - Brandon G.

    High Access Inc

  • "BSL has made installation easier and quicker, saving us valuable time during the busy holiday season. Overall, BSL's products have played a significant role in our business success, driving sales and delighting our customers."

    - Tristan S.

    LooksGood Services

  • "I've been thoroughly impressed with Big Star Lights. Not only do they offer high-quality products, but their customer service truly stands out. They're always ready to lend a hand, whether it's accommodating special orders, ensuring faster shipping, or addressing any questions you might have about their products."

    -John L.

    Linka Home Services

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A few things you might be wondering

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the Pro Installer Program?

Our Pro-Installer program is reserved for contractors who install Christmas lights as a service for both residential and commercial customers. If you are new to installing Christmas lights as a service, we’ll be happy to help you get started.

What are the benefits of registering for the Pro-Installer Program?

When you become part of the Pro-Installer team, you gain access to exclusive products, year-round industry discounts, pre-season sales, and a direct line to our Technical Support customer service team.

We’ll also create a business account for you on our online store, so that you’ll always have access to your order history and invoices for your personal reference.

How can I become a Professional Christmas Lights Installer?

We have a variety of resources on our blog about getting started as an installer, and we’ll be happy to guide you as you start this new venture. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to schedule a FREE online training with one of our industry specialists.

Why should I choose Big Star Lights over other commercial-grade suppliers?

We are the problem solvers of the industry. As installers ourselves, we have developed a line of products that are built to meet our needs, ensuring that maintenance calls are kept to a minimum while making installation easy and efficient. From our bulbs to our clips to our tools, our products are well-thought-out and the most innovative on the market.

Do you offer tech support?

Yes, we have a dedicated tech support line, as well as a pro-installer line. Whether you’re 30 ft in a tree or bulbing at the office, we are here to help you troubleshoot when you need it. If a phone call doesn’t work, we can always hop on a video call and see what’s going on. 

Do you offer educational resources?

Yes! We have an extensive library of blogs and how-to videos that will help you whether you are a brand-new installer or a seasoned professional. To keep up with our latest tips and tricks, sign up for our Pro Installer newsletter.

What kind of discounts do I get as a Pro Installer?

We offer an in-season discount of 10% that can be accessed by using your unique discount code. In January, we offer our pre-season sale for 25% off, and our Pay 20 Save 20 sale throughout the summer months. To receive your unique discount code, apply for our pro installer program HERE. To receive news of our sales, sign up for our pro-installer newsletter.