The Importance of UV Stabilizers in Your LED Lights

The Importance of UV Stabilizers in Your LED Lights

UV Stabilizers are an important ingredient to the lens of LED Christmas lights, especially if you're hanging them in the summer months. All our lights have UV Stabilizers and the difference is noticeable. Without them, bulbs will turn into a milky yellow colour and block the light emitted. In addition, the colour will change and the bulb can degrade enough to allow moisture inside which will result in corrosion and failure of the bulb entirely.

UV Stabilizers Create Longer-lasting Bulbs

The photo above shows a comparison of our Super-bright Globe Lights (G30) and a competitor's. Both are just a few years old. The difference in clarity and brightness is substantial.

If you're looking for great LED decorative lighting products that work year-round for either hanging on buildings, large trees, or over your patio, our Globe Lights are a great option:

  1. They don't turn milky because they use UV Stabilizers in the plastic.
  2. The smooth lens doesn't accumulate grime as easily because water doesn't sit on it like C7 or C9 faceted bulbs.
  3. The lens behaves like a magnifying glass giving the illusion of a much brighter bulb.
  4. The centre LED inside the bulbs is stacked higher than the rest improving brightness over wider angles (there are 5 LEDs inside).
  5. They look great winter and summer because they don't scream "Christmas" as much as the conical shaped bulbs.
  6. They are more discrete during daylight hours because they are smaller than conical bulbs, yet put out more light.

Also check out our patio lights for a great vintage look on your summer patios. These are also a favourite for weddings.

So rest assure that our LED bulbs use UV Stabilizers that will significantly increase product life and enable to you keep lights hanging up year-round, even in direct sunlight.

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