String Lights for Every Occasion

String Lights for Every Occasion

The ambient lighting that string lights provide has crept its way out of Christmas and into our lives throughout the year - and for good reason! The sparkling lights are the perfect solution to brighten up indoor spaces and add some romance or spark to an event. Here are 7 tips to get you inspired to use string lights for every occasion you can think of.

1 - Cozy warm light in the bedroom

Warm lighting is scientifically proven to help you wind down at the end of the night, whereas cool blue light helps you feel motivated during the day. We love the way these lights are draped over the bed to provide just enough light to climb in, get cozy, and wind down after a long day before turning out the lights.

2 - Celebrate Spring

Illuminate your blossoming trees to celebrate the slow return of longer days and warmer temperatures. Our microlights are perfect for illuminating your more delicate features without damaging emerging blossoms, leaves or delicate branches. They look absolutely magical wrapped around small shrubs and trees.

3 - Highlight a feature of your garden

Do you have a prominent tree, arbor, or water feature in your garden? Add some sparkle with a set of 5mm mini-lights or microlights . Permanent fire flies in your back yard!

4 - Slumber parties

No matter your age, slumber parties never get old. Whether you’re setting up a party for your kid, or having friends over for a movie or game night, make everyone feel right at home with a cozy setup like this one!

5 - Pillow forts

Surprise your kids, friends, or a loved one with a cozy pillow fort for a movie night. Throw together every pillow in your house, prop up a sheet on a broom handle, dig out your Christmas lights and add some ambiance. Perfect for a cozy bedtime story or a movie night!

6 - Celebrate your favourite holiday

Christmas lights aren’t just for Christmas! If you love Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, or celebrating Diwali with your family, there’s a set of string lights for the occasion! Our larger patio lights provide the perfect backdrop for any outdoor celebration, and if you have a special holiday in mind, there’s a chance we have the perfect colour of 5mm mini lights for the occasion! Purple and orange for Diwali, yellow, pink, and teal for Easter, or orange for Koningsdag. The world of light is your oyster!

7 - Dress up your wedding

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again! Lights are the perfect romantic addition to your special day. Whether it’s curtain lights along the walls, or a string of G30s overhead, a set of warm white string lights will always take the ambiance of your wedding venue to the next level. Want some more wedding lighting ideas? Check out our blog here!

There are so many ways to be creative with the lights we typically reserve for the holidays! We hope these tips help get the ideas flowing, and bring a little more sparkle to your every day life. Shop our selection of indoor and outdoor string lights to help any special moment glow!

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