Solidarity Hearts Show Thanks for Frontline Healthcare Workers

Solidarity Hearts Show Thanks for Frontline Healthcare Workers

7 pm has never held such international importance as it does during COVID-19. At the most standard shift change time for hospital workers, people emerge from their homes and onto their balconies or into their gardens to pay homage to those on the front lines of the pandemic. Pots and pans, vuvuzelas, and instruments of all kinds are being used to salute healthcare workers every night, and parades of police cars, fire trucks, classic cars, and motorcycles have become a common sight at hospitals all over the world.

This pandemic and its effect on the global population is unprecedented in our lifetime, and while it is wreaking havoc wherever it lands, it is bringing people together in unprecedented ways as well. The daily 7 pm clatter is bigger, louder, and more widely attended than any New Years celebration we’ve ever heard of. And to complement this showing of support at all other hours of the day, people are placing hearts in their windows, and even painting them on garage doors.

We decided to add a little light to the #HeartsforHealthcareWorkers movement, and are now offering lighted hearts that can be placed in a garden, on a balcony, or in a window. They are handmade at our Richmond warehouse, and are wrapped in either 5mm or C6 string lights. The colour is up to you, as we’ve seen red hearts, pink hearts, blue hearts, and green hearts up to date!

The Solidarity Heart comes with an 18” stake to make it easy to place upright in soil.

Made with sturdy but bendable cold-rolled steel, the hearts are 30” high, 36” wide, and are built with an 18” stake for easy application in the garden. If you wish to place your heart elsewhere, you can simply bend the stake upwards so that it is flush with the heart.

Three Solidarity Hearts can be seen accompanying a light display gifted by pro-installers outside a hospital in Vancouver, BC.

If you would like to place a lighted heart on your property to show your support for healthcare workers, or if you are a pro-installer and have clients that would like one, please contact us at 1-888-444-4081 or to make your order. The hearts are available for pickup at our Richmond warehouse, or can be shipped anywhere in Canada for an extra fee.

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