Get Creative With These 8 Christmas Light Colour Combination Ideas!

Get Creative With These 8 Christmas Light Colour Combination Ideas!

A new season means a new opportunity to get creative with your Christmas light colour combinations. With LED technology improving year after year, the colours available have become more and more pleasing to the eye compared to when LEDs Christmas lights first came out on the market. When you buy professional grade, the colours are guaranteed to be of better quality and brightness, without that awful flicker you sometimes see on LED lights.

After a few years of warm white lights taking over the market as everyone sought to mimic the incandescent lights of yesteryear, people are returning to embrace fun colours in their lighting displays. Here are some ideas to inspire you with your decorating!

The European aka “Champagne”

While it used to be a faux pas to use both warm white and pure white in an installation, this look has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years. Not only can you decorate your roofline with this sophisticated combination, you can also dazzle your neighbours with our European twinkling mini-light sets, seen in the photo above. We love how the pure white sporadically placed in the trees creates a new dimension in the installation above, done by the Professional Installers at Winducks Calgary!

The Modernist

The Modernist - Warm White, Teal, and Fuchsia look beautiful together

Our pre-made 5mm string light set combines fuchsia, teal, and warm white for a modern feel that’s really a retro throwback! Remember when old ceramic-coated bulbs made lights look fuzzy and warm? Opting for softer light options like pink and teal instead of red and blue makes for a good close second when choosing LED over incandescent.

The Candy Cane

A total classic that you really can't go wrong with! Pure white and red combine for the "Candy Cane" look. Available as a 5mm mini-light string, this colour combination looks fabulous wrapping trees, adorning shrubs, or spiralling up a column or lamp post.

Get Creative with Bulb Patterns

Residential home with warm white and blue G30 bulbs

When incorporating colour into your display, you can also get creative with the pattern of colour in your line. For example, a simple two-colour combination can be jazzed up a little bit using a different pattern like the photo above! Above you see what we've dubbed the Blueberry Candy Cane - a warm take on the Frozen colour scheme with blue and warm white G30 bulbs. You can apply different patterns to all sorts of colour combinations, so be prepared to get creative!

Noel - The Classic Christmas Look

Check out the adorable office of Salish Seaside RV Haven, done by the professional installers at FestiLight Victoria! The classic combination of red, green, and warm white will never go out of style at Christmas time. Evoke all the happy warm sentiments of the season with this traditional colour combination either on your roofline or with our pre-made Noel 5mm string lights. You can always make it a little more modern and bright by using pure white instead of warm white.

The Grinch

We’re thrilled to now have a new shade of green available for all of our retrofit bulbs - lime! If you’re looking to “grinch” up your property, combine the lime bulbs with your choice of warm white or pure white to provide contrast. The best part - you can re-use the bulbs if you feel like getting festive for St Patrick’s Day!

Classic Multi-Colour

Our pre-made multi-colour set uses green, red, orange, blue, and yellow and is available in all of our different roofline bulb sizes. Not sure what bulb type or size you want? Check out this blog for an explanation of their size, compatibility, and best use cases: Decoding Christmas Lights and Bulb Sizes.

Modern Multi-Colour - Get Creative!

Move beyond the classic multi-colour combinations and have some fun with it! We love what Elise Purdon did to brighten up her porch in the Reel above, combining purple, red, fuchsia, green, teal, and yellow G30s. Have some fun with the lighter coloured bulbs in the spectrum, which are softer and more closely emulate the colour of old ceramic incandescents. If you just want to dip your toes into the realm of colour, pick two colours that look nice together and add in a warm or pure white. For example, team orange and fuchsia up with warm white, or lime and teal with pure white.
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