5 Decorative Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Wedding

5 Decorative Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Wedding

All forms of celebrations can be elevated with the addition of thoughtfully designed lighting. As we look towards an exciting wedding season where nearly-weds can plan for a wedding full of friends and family, we thought we’d share 5 unique ideas for wedding lighting. Though our lights were first designed with Christmas in mind, we’ve expanded our products over the years to bring light to every occasion!

1. Combine greenery with lighting

While you may not want to use the exact garland you have in your storage bins for the holiday season, pairing your lighting with greenery is a beautiful way to enhance your wedding venue. Whether paired with delicately designed swags or a trailing vine, our microlights are the perfect delicate addition to any greenery.

2. Mirror your tabletop lighting with ceiling lights

Add layers to your lighting! Having the warmth of candlelight on your guest's tables invites a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere. Our warm white G30 bulbs are manufactured at ~3000K, the perfect temperature to pair with warm candlelight. Add depth by hanging sparse strings of these charming bulbs overhead to “mirror” your candle light, and add more dazzle to bounce off of glassware around the venue.

3. Play with contrast

Is your wedding set in an ultra-urban setting? Or on a farm outside the city? Staying true to the urban setting, wedding planners The Good Party have selected retro patio lights for this outdoor urban wedding. However, what we really love is the contrast created with the playful, colourful paper lanterns. It adds the perfect amount of flair and softens the harsher lines of the urban venue.

4. Light up trees and shrubs

Whether at the entrance to your venue, or scattered about your reception area, lighting up trees is a simple and captivating way to brighten up your wedding day. If you don’t want to venture into more complicated installations for your big day, picking a few trees that are close to a power source will be an easy and economical option. Our brown wire mini-lights are perfect for trunk and branch wrapping your trees like in this photo. If you’d like to add some thoughtful, dynamic light, we recommend our slow twinkle lights on green wire for large shrubs!

5. Mix different types of lighting

We love the mix of soft and delicate with bright and practical in this wedding lighting design. The icicle lights provide a soft, elegant and more random sparkle, whereas the larger patio-sized bulbs provide the practicality of strong overhead lighting so that your guests can find their seats after dark!

The options for adding lighting to your wedding or special events are endless, but one things for sure - lighting will certainly elevate the occasion! We hope these tips have helped spark your creativity to help you plan for your big day.

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