Crafty Ways to Quarantine and Social Distance With Christmas Lights

Crafty Ways to Quarantine and Social Distance With Christmas Lights

These are dark times and right about now you are probably going a little stir-crazy, especially if you’ve got kids at home. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to brighten the mood with simple and inexpensive decor. You can bring those same feelings of peace, love, and joy from last Christmas back into your home, and ride out one of the most tumultuous periods of our generation. Here are a few ideas to make that happen.

1. Light the underside of your patio umbrella

Shake those cobwebs out and and make that ominous centrepiece at your outdoor table sparkle a little magic into your family dinners. Our LED Warm-white G30 Globe lights or G50 Globe lights are the perfect bulb for this and are durable enough to stay hung when you fold that umbrella away. We also have an array of wire colours to more closely match the colour of your umbrella.

2. Bring some pizzazz to your pergola

Covered patios provide a great opportunity to hang some beautiful lights, and you can install lots or just a little. With our LED mini-lights, it’s possible to go all-out while consuming very little power. They are durable, water-proof, and easy to work with when wrapping posts and beams.

Larger E26 base patio lights provide a more vintage feel. A few small runs of patio lights in our options of black or white wire can really make a difference and provide an entertaining area throughout the evening when the inside of the house begins to feel a little small.

3. Create a lit sanctuary in your bedroom

Ready to wind down after a day of following the news? Attach some mini-lights or fairy lights to your headboard or pin them on the wall above. They can double as a photo hanger for happy memories as well.

4. Box up the kids (and add a little light)!

When the kids are driving you berserk, find the biggest cardboard boxes you can and create a tunnel maze lit with multi-colour C6 strawberry lights. Slice a small cross for each bulb on the top of the boxes and poke the lights through so that the wire stays safely out of the way. Throw in some dinosaurs, stuffed animals, or whatever gets their imagination running wild and they’ll be occupied for hours. As a bonus, the cardboard muffles their cheerful shrieks! You might even be able to work from home with the kids around, and your fellow co-workers will wonder how you did it.

So get creative! Christmas lights aren’t just for Christmas – they are for all things joyful, and a little positivity is a welcome addition to any home during this pandemic.

If you’ve created something really cool with your decorative lighting, we’d love to see it! Share it using the hashtag #ShareSomeLight so that we can all be joyful together.

Happy Lighting! #LightsforLife

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