8 Unique Ways to Light up Your Event

8 Unique Ways to Light up Your Event

Wondering how to make your company or social event stand out from the norm? Read our pro tips on how to transform the atmosphere with the right lighting.

1. Use RGB Lighting

RGB lighting can really take your event to the next level! Go beyond the standard white decorative lights and dazzle your guests with a splash of colour. Using a product like Twinkly PRO’s app-controlled string lights, you can customize your colours according to the theme of the celebration. If you are using them for a company event, you can even use Twinkly PRO technology to send your company colours cascading across your event.

2. Incorporate props into your lighting

Using props can add a unique and dynamic look to your event. From something as simple as paper lanterns to a more quirky feature such as a ceiling of umbrellas, they’ll be sure to catch the eyes of your guests and make the event all the more memorable.

3. Complement fabric decorations with string lights

One of the most popular pairings for decorative lighting is draping fabrics. From an elegant length of fabric to fun and colourful homemade bunting, mixing and matching colour and shape with light gives you an endless amount of ideas to work with. Perfect for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary!

4. Make a statement with marquee signage

Add charm with custom marquee signage! We love the use of lights here to draw guests to the bar, but custom marquee lighting can also serve as a backdrop for photo ops.

5. Add some *pop* with balloons

Not only can balloons add a fun pop of colour, but they can also bounce light around the room. We love how these soft metallic gold balloons complement the warm white twinkle lights at this New Years’ Eve celebration.

6. Did someone say “disco”?

Disco is not dead! Hear us out—this is one of the most fun ways to shine light at your event. Disco balls would look entirely magical with pure white string lights around them to cast sparkly illumination across your event’s dance floor! If you don’t want to go full disco, you could always go for metallic baubles (they don’t need to be reserved just for the holidays)!

7. Use floodlights for drama

Often called “uplighting”, floodlights placed along walls create beautiful washes or pillars of light. With the added capability of RGB-W technology, you can choose any colour you want to complement your event! (We love the disco ball and floodlight combo here, too!) Floodlights are also a great way to light up the outdoor components of your event, guiding guests to the entrance or lighting up trees to create ambiance.

8. Keep it simple

After all that, sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple. All you need is a few strings of warm white lights to cast a glow and create ambiance at your event. From corporate functions to cozy backyard gatherings, our G30 strings never fail to add just the right amount of warmth and sparkle. These lights are a great investment as they are super versatile and they’ll last for years!

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