10 Ways to Create a Jaw-Dropping Halloween Light Show

10 Ways to Create a Jaw-Dropping Halloween Light Show

Is anyone excited for Halloween out there? We are! Well, at least Big Star Lights’ resident Halloween enthusiast Alexis is :P. With the hustle of Christmas decor taking over the shelves in the Fall months, Halloween often fades out of focus. The Big Star Team puts our creative minds together regularly to ensure that the products we offer are multi-purpose, and can be used any time of the year for whatever occasion inspires you. Let us reintroduce our lights to you, with some new design ideas you may not have considered before. Here are 10 horrific ways to make your home the spookiest on the block… it’s Halloween, this is a good thing!

Pop a Retrofit bulb in your Jack o’ lantern instead of a candle

You’ve more than likely considered alternatives to candles in your jack o'lanterns before. They can be an unattended hazard on your front porch, not only for your home but can also too easily catch the dangling garments of the Gremlins and Superheros that walk up your steps on Halloween night. Battery-powered string lights have been the typical go-to, but don’t last long or strong in the chill of a Fall night. Cue our custom-cut SPT2 socket wire and replaceable bulbs! Simply drill or cut a circular hole in the base of the pumpkin before you start carving. Make sure it is big enough for a C7 socket to poke through and boom One single green G20 bulb popped into that pumpkin would crank the creepy up to 10! Don’t forget, our wiring is flat. So it won’t knock your intricately carved masterpiece off-kilter either.

Repurpose elegant wedding lights or classic Christmas lights

Perhaps an array of orange, purple and green isn’t something you want to keep in your arsenal for this one particular time of year. But instead, the elegant warm white lighting you purchased for your wedding is sitting and waiting to be repurposed. Well grab your Venti Pumpkin Spiced Latte (half sweet, soy, no foam-obviously) and let us tell you, whoever said you can't use classy colours for creepy holidays was wrong! Layer your once romantic lighting within different textures and add in other morbid pieces to complement the scene. This could easily include the lights from your roofline or the 5mm mini-lights you typically have wrapped in your trees. Layering spider webs, pumpkin heads, potato sacks, skulls and fallen leaves, all accented by trailing mini-lights, would honour the Halloween spirit.

Use string lights to help enhance oddly shaped structures

This is a relatively simple idea that you can make as creative as you please! Either 5mm mini-lights or C6 string lights would work great for this type of project. The twisted wires are easily manipulated around tight corners and shapes. We particularly like how in this photo, they took an otherwise blank area and made it a great focal point!

Utilize the quality of our lights and the coaxial connections to their greatest potential

This idea is our absolute favourite. How cool is this cauldron? The crafty person behind this design has a brilliant imagination and fantastic creative flair. Our co-axial string lights would make this project an absolute game-changer. They are one entirely sealed unit, meaning they are watertight!! This means they’ll also keep out any foam, paint, or fake spider web material while you’re making your masterpiece. We wouldn't trust any other product for a project like this!

Replace the bulbs in your previously-lit props

What’s creepier than a 3 ft wide hairy spider? How about one with red eyes! Our Retrofit G30 Bulbs are C9 (E17) socket size and are perfect for replacing old bulbs should a light in one of your decorations burns out. Got an old line of half burnt-out incandescent Christmas lights? Pop in some of our G30 or C9 bulbs and repurpose them!

Bring light and create a sparkle in the most unique places

Typically, you see fairy lights in mason jars wrapped around candles and even in our Christmas Trees. Our fairy lights come in 2 different orientations. One is plug-in and end-to-end compatible and the other is battery operated. Their ultra-thin wire makes them so malleable and lightweight that the creative uses for them are nearly endless! Here is an idea that we don’t see often. Wrapping them through an updo or costume wig is sure to add a magical and elegant effect to your look.

Shape your own masterpiece

How simple yet totally rad is this purple spider web? String lights for the win again! Build your own spider web out of hanger wire, and wrap it with string lights in a colour of your choosing - anything from classic white to orange would look fabulous! Secure the lights with some zip ties-easy peasy! Spider webs, candy skulls, Frankenstein… the options are endless!

Trunk and branch-wrapped trees are captivating any time of the year!

Okay, we are total suckers for trunk and branch wrapped trees - in any colour apparently! Whether you keep it classic warm white and add some spooky flair with hanging decorations, or just go for it in full Halloween spirit. Trees intricately adorned with mini-lights are a show stopper for any occasion.

Spooky uplighting with floodlights

A simple yet dramatic way to achieve a spectacular holiday display is uplighting - from inside a cauldron as pictured, or casting a creepy glow on ghosts hanging from a tree.

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